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        Rubber Hoses


                         Wrapped-fabric type hose                  Suction and Discharge hose           Oxygen hose, Acetylene hose



        Rubber  Hose

        1. Product structure: Wrapped-fabric type hose is made of rubber inside layer, multi-layer and winding cloth cover. Suction hose is from the inside layer, multi-layer cloth winding, spiral steel wire reinforced layer and outer layer.

        2. Features: Hose has a small diameter tolerance, oil resistant, heat resistant and other excellent performance, light and so soft tube body durability and other characteristics, hoses minimum burst pressure is three times the working pressure. Perform standard: GB/T 1186-2007, HG/T 3055-2011.

        3. Use: Transporting various types of wrapped-fabric (suction) hose is selected according to different medium corresponding materials, product structure design is reasonable, excellent quality, durable, is used to lose a suction (negative pressure) of various liquid viscous fluid and solid material, such as medium flexible hose. According to the purposes are divided into water hose, air hose, oil hose, heat resistant hose, steam hose, dilute acid and alkali resistant hose, sandblasting hose, suction and drainage hose, working pressure: 1.0-1.5MPa (4 times safety coefficient).

        4. Weaving winding hoes: Products are made of rubber inside layer, reinforced layer and the outer cover layers, are divided into oxygen hose, acetylene hose, spray hose, oil hose, etc. Perform standard: GB/T 2550-2007.


        Technical Index of Suction and Discharge hose





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